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    Istanbul Real Estate For Sale

    Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey. With over 15 million inhabitants, it has become a magnet for foreign investors from all over the world especially after the opening of the biggest airport in the world this year.

    The new airport will welcome more visitors with the capacity of 150 million passengers annually enabling more foreign investors to come explore the city.

    Istanbul is a 4 hour flight away from 56 countries, which makes it a strategic location for young entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in a small business or property for sale while benefitting from being close to potential customers from every part of the world.

    Istanbul, The Booming City

    Istanbul continues to emerge as a prime destination for the arts and cultural experiences attracting tourists from all over the world. It has a rich and massive heritage from its ancient history as a Roman, Byzantine and finally Ottoman capital.

    International trade shows, conferences, fashion and art shows are held every year in Istanbul giving a new dimension and potential to the city.

    Istanbul’s mix of East and Western culture makes it irresistible for tourists because they enjoy its diversity. Visitors come from different parts of the world to eat Turkish delicious cuisine and go on a cruise on the Bosphorus strait by day and by night, which is an unforgettable experience. Many consider Istanbul a shopping destination as well, with many local shops selling quality products at reasonable prices.

    Istanbul blends tradition and modernity, a unique cultural heritage, a strong economical growth and a young dynamic population. All these factors contribute to a vibrant city that doesn’t sleep and continues to improve throughout the years.

    The positive energy that the city gives away is enticing. This leads many tourists to consider owning a property in Istanbul. Thus, owning a property in Istanbul becomes an enjoyment and a long-term profitable investment for those who are looking to rent out their properties when they are away.

    Moreover, this year’s tourism growth in Turkey broke a new record with a reported number of 40 million visitors with 32 billion US dollars revenue by the end of 2018.  Five star hotel companies reported over 60 per cent growth in the number of rooms occupied by guests this year. Istanbul accounts for over 15 million visitors alone this year.

    The number of tourists is estimated to double by 2019 after the opening of the new airport providing new economical growth and bigger opportunities for investment.

    Real estate for sale in Istanbul is your way for investment.

    Experts agree that Istanbul’s economy will continue to rise as Turkey continues to pursue its goal at becoming one of the top 10 economies in the world.

    Investors from the Middle East and Europe are investing their money in Istanbul property for sale.

    Istanbul is a meeting point for Europe and Asia; it is the heart of Turkey.

    Istanbul real estate offers to buyers the ideal mix between high quality lifestyle and good investment opportunity, which is hard to find elsewhere.

    The properties in Istanbul can vary by each area from apartments to villas, to compounds and complexes.  The new residential surfaces include all the facilities to accommodate the residents. Each residence is fully equipped with swimming pools, gym, spas and some residential establishments also include restaurants, business centers and super markets.

    Istanbul property for sale offers many options depending on your budget.  The emerging real estate projects offer a variety of options from affordable apartments all the way to high-end villas in luxurious complexes.

    The increase of new projects gave way to the development of new highways, roads, metro stations and shopping centers in every corner of the city.

    Istanbul offers a unique opportunity for Investors.

    Istanbul’s location between Asia, the Middle East and the rest of Europe makes it the most convenient spot to handle foreign meetings.

    It will be a promising opportunity for business travellers who are looking to establish small companies in Turkey.  Hence, buying a property in Istanbul is a lucrative investment with the increase of new residents who are looking to rent a flat during their stay in Istanbul.

    In addition to that, many international conferences are being held in Istanbul to increase the number of foreign visitors and grow the number of investments in the area.

    Istanbul has one of the most occupied centers of congress travel in the world serving conferences of all sizes. It offers the best transportation services and communication facilities with a wide range of modern and highly technological equipment.

    These assets will lead to more growth and improvement in the Real Estate market in the coming years.

    Whether you’re looking to invest in a property or finding your dream home, you are guaranteed that your property will not lose its value. The high demand in short-term and long-term rentals will enable you to secure an income all year long.

    Due to the increase of the young working force who are looking for long-term annual rentals many investors are leasing their properties on a yearly basis.

    Istanbul has a tremendous potential for growth providing a unique opportunity for expats and their families who can take advantage of the new foreign policies that enable them to have a long-term residency in Turkey.

    Istanbul is heading in the right direction when it comes to Real Estate improvements and property for sale.

    The Turkish government has made it easier for foreigners to invest in Istanbul by allowing them to get the Turkish Citizenship with the purchase of a property at the price of 250,000 US dollars instead of 1 million US dollars.

    With our demonstrated expertise, our consultants are ready to guide you to the right direction in property investment. We can advise you with the full sales procedure including the after sales information such as the tax laws and other costs.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about your future property for sale in Istanbul.

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